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Yuu Sushi Train Port Macquarie and Tamworth

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At Yuu Sushi our sushi chefs believe that the customer eats not just with their mouth, but with their eyes. Preparing sushi is like creating a Zen garden. We take pride in our sushi, sashimi and cleanliness to the highest standard every day and bring this to your plates. Many Thanks From all the Yuu Sushi Team.


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Franchise partner relationships are paramount and are built on integrity, respect and trust. Yuu Sushi Train is focused on ongoing Franchise Partner profitability and success.

With a competitive entry-level investment and new restaurant design concept, the Yuu Sushi brand represents excellent value for money and variety.

Yuu Sushi is healthy, fresh and fast and made right in front of their guests by friendly, well-trained team members. With a relaxed atmosphere – it doesn’t get tastier than that!

To find out more simply send us an email to: yuu.sushi.train@bigbond.com.